Generally, a shade should be about three-quarters the height of your lamp body, and it wide enough to comfortably shade your lamp base.  This rule of thumb, coordinated with using the proper harp, usually makes a shade look well….but!!! There is something called artistry and artistic license and for that to happen it is always best to bring your lamp into your lamp shop.

The Universe of Shades

Frist of all, I want to tell you that the world of lampshades is endless, like the stars in the sky.  There are too many to count with variations in shape, size, and color.  Lamps are very similar to people in the way their clothes fit onto their bodies.  Skinny people need a “tailored” or tighter fitting look.  Skinny lamps look well with shades that are cylindrical or not widely flared at the bottom.  Chubby lamps need shades that are wider at the top and bottom, as well a shorter height.   So you can see, that when you try a shade on, it is easier to evaluate the look of your creation.


Every lamp and every shade needs to have proper harp or “wishbone over the bulb” to support the shade.  This is equivalent to a person having the correct length legs in order for the skirt or dress to fit properly.  One does not want a hemline to be too high or too low on a dress one wears to an important event!  But we cannot alter a shade to sit at the correct height on your lamp.  Instead, we change the harp, or “wishbone over the bulb” in order to make the shade look well on the lamp.  This is extremely important!


Take a minute and look at the images of all the common lampshade shapes.  In our store We carry a variety of shapes and sizes. We carry all the basic color fabrics required to dress a lamp.  These include stark white, off-white, parchment (ivory), beige, antique gold, and black.  Sometimes (not often) our customers want to special order a shade in a particular color, maybe red, or black with an interior made of silver metal foil.  We can have our factories make any shade that you desire.  You can provide your own fabric, or select from over one hundred fabric samples.  Our factories also recover or repair your shades.